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01. Copyright Notice.

All images, audio & video displayed on this website are the © COPYRIGHT of Louis Studios. None of the images, audio or video contained or displayed on this website can be used without written permission from Louis Studios. For any inquiries related to license or misuse of these images please direct them through joel@louisstudios.ca.

02. Products and/or Service Release Agreement.

All images, audio & video shot for clients will remain under the property and © COPYRIGHT of Louis Studios until the final balance is paid in full. After the balance has been paid, Louis Studios will continue to hold limited ownership, granting permission to display clients work on social platforms for portfolio purposes. Public platforms include but are not limited to: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Web 2.0, etc.

03. Promotions and Discount Codes.

All promotions and discount codes will only apply to our subscribers and to individuals who follow our Facebook and Instagram page.

04. Bookings & Cancellations.

Minimum time slot for our recording studio is one hour. Please contact us for our day rates.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your booking. The final balance is due at the end of your session. Sessions begin billing at the agreed start time, and continue until the final load out. After booking with Louis Studios, the client is responsible for showing up on time. Late arrivals will still be charged from the initial booking time, no exceptions will be made. Cancellations must be made 12 hours in advance, failure to do so will result in a $25 cancellation fee.

05. Liability and Digital Media Waiver.

Louis Studios is not legally or financially responsible for items brought into or left on the premises. This includes master tapes, hard drives, or any media left at the studio. Backups are officially your responsibility. Louis Studios is not responsible for storing your data or audio tapes during the course of a recording project, or for the loss or dissemination of data left on the premises.

06. Modification.

Louis Studios may change the General Terms at its sole discretion. If Louis Studios changes the General Terms, then Louis Studios will make a new copy available at louisstudios.ca/terms.html. End User’s use of the Louis Studios Website is subject to the most version of the General Terms that are in effect at the time of such use.



Last Updated December 11, 2016