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Joel Louis Varjassy

Audio & Visual Professional Services

Louis Studios is a production company that offers audio and visual services. Our focus is to provide clients with a new and fresh perspective on creative projects. Settling only for excellence in our work, we aim to produce a final product that is engaging, unique and professional.

Named after Joel’s grandfather Louis Varjassy, Louis Studios was founded in 2011 by Joel Louis Varjassy. Louis Studios core value is to bring forth all creative fields and unify them into one workplace where challenge and excellence are the driving force behind all creative projects. A place where boundaries are pushed and storytelling is at the forefront of every project.


Joel Louis Varjassy is both an entrepreneur and audio/visual designer based out of Coaldale Alberta who has been working in the industry for over a decade. Being at the forefront of marketing for many of his companies, he has developed a clear understanding of what it takes to compete in today’s market. To help balance his business endeavors, Joel is also extremely competitive in the media world and enjoys exploring his artistic vision through the use of cinematics. Starting out as an audio engineer early in his career, his drive to learn soon led to knowledge in various other fields including directing, editing, motion graphics, and photography. Regardless of the size, Joel’s perfectionist vision is what pushes him toward success on every project.

2016 Announcement

In December 2016, the newest addition to Louis Studios was announced, opening the doors to its professional small recording studio in Coaldale, Alberta. Designed specifically for recording and mixing music/film productions, the new studio offers outstanding sound that will help enhance the quality of your next production.

High-end microphones including U47, Multitrack recording, Professional monitoring system, iMac with 4K TV, Ambient lighting, Soundproof & Sound treated room. Powered by UAD Apollo & Event OPAL 2-way 750-watt Active Monitors.

Feel free to get in contact with Joel for any comments or questions, and start booking your projects today.