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Commercials, Music Videos & Video Production

Documentary (2019)
Cinematographer / Colorist / Re-Recording Mixer / VFX Supervisor
Music Video: Creepah - Okoro (2019)
Camera Operator / Colorist / VFX Artist
Music Video: Streets - Moonrunner83 & Megan McDuffee (2019)
Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Set & Prop Designer / Colorist / VFX Artist
Music Video: Nicole Nughes - Supernova (2019)
Director / Cinematographer / Set Designer / Editor / VFX Artist / Colorist
Music Video: The Silkstones - Webs On A Tree (2017)
Director / Camera Operator / Set Designer / Editor / VFX Artist / Colorist
Music Video: Mark Maxwell - The Drifter (2017)
Director / Camera Operator / Set Designer / Editor / VFX Artist / Colorist
Music Video: Major Lazer - Cold Water (feat. Justin Bieber & MØ) (2016)
Director / Camera Operator / Editor / Colorist
Short Film: The Hitchhiker (2015)
Dialogue Editor / Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer
Feature Film: Prairie Dog (2015)
Boom Operator / Dialogue Editor / ADR Recordist / Sound Design / Re-recording Mixer
Promo Video: Paige Hudson (2015 Playboy Miss Social)
Videographer / Editor
Short Film: Devils Night (2014)
Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer


Video Production
Commercial, Corporate & Music Videos

Take the bridging step in today’s media driven market and turn your creative ideas into a visual and audible reality. Let us help you create a vision for your up-and-coming project and execute it in a way that best tells your story.

Location Sound
Record up to 24bit/96kHz

Whether recording an interview or filming your next short film, capturing clean and professional dialogue is a must for all productions. Using only hi-end audio gear, we capture all necessary production audio required to make your project a success.

Camera Operator
A new perspective

Capture your projects vision through the use of focal length, depth of field and composition. Whether it’s a multi-cam setup, or just a single camera setup, we are able to take care of all those technical details and make sure your production is captured to your satisfaction.


Dialogue Editing
Removal of audio interruptions

Create a seamless and enjoyable dialogue track using a combination of production audio & editing techniques. Remove unwanted noises, jarring audio gaps and harsh audio cuts that distract the viewers attention. Remove hum and hiss without taking away dialogue clarity. Enhance your visuals with a clear and professional sounding dialogue mix.


Create the unimaginable, enhancing reality, adding in buildings, skies, smoke or create an artistic style that captives your audience. All VFX have a place in storytelling, some are bold and at the forefront, while others are subtle and undistinguishable from the original footage.

Sound Design
Enhance your visual story

Enhance your viewers experience with the process of complex audio manipulation. Creating new and interesting sounds will help give your production an added depth and create a new visceral experience for your audience to explore.

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